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Sunday, June 8, 2008

When it really becomes a chain..

Hm... just want to write this... nothing much.. :P

I am overseas (considering that Singapore is the basecamp for the NUS legion...) right now, I'm back home for holiday.. And, yes, I'm far away from the meeting and from the other legionaries...and yes, hellow fellow legionaries, something is missing! haha...

and for now, here this is my consolation. Reciting the Catena...
I always remember when Dom explained to me in one of my first meeting, or even when Paul explained what a Catena is when I was still visiting (by the way, he is standing instruction master :P) the Praesidium, that Catena means chain..because it binds all the legionaries everywhere..

and when we are reciting the Catena, there might be another legionaries, somewhere else, maybe in the other part of the world, or even somewhere out there, also reciting the Catena together with us, in spirit. And there, we meet in prayers :) and I really find it's beautiful..

It truly is a chain for us!

So, dear legionaries, see you in spirit for now!

God bless!

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