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Friday, May 29, 2009

Would you say Yes as Mary did?

As I was browsing some Legion websites today (and I didn't realize there were so many!), I stumbled into a forum thread. There was one post from a girl who is entering university and is considering joining the Legion. I presume she's going to NUS since she posted a link to our blog. She wanted to hear about personal experiences from the members and I really wanted to reply, but alas, I'm too lazy to register for an account.

So I'll just post this here instead, in the off chance that she'll visit our blog again. It is also for those who might accidentally be led to our humble musings and find themselves wanting to know more about the Legion of Mary.

Dear reader, the following is a short sharing that Bro. Paul Wong gave during the recruitment drive at Holy Spirit Church last May 17. When he was in NUS, he was a member of Regina Coeli, one of the two praesidia in NUS now. This sharing will probably not completely answer the questions that you have, but it is a good place to start. Afterwards, if you are so inclined, you can find another link at the sidebar under 'Testimonies' to read another sharing from Sr. Angie.

Enjoy. :)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,


My name is Paul and I am from Our Lady of Victories Praesidium, a Legion of Mary group, based in Risen Christ Church.


The Legion of Mary is not only found in most of the parishes in Singapore but also in various institutions, like the schools. Indeed, it is one of the largest lay apostolate group in the world today. 


The Legion of Mary models after the Roman army in terms of its discipline and structure. The Legionary strives to sanctify ourselves both in prayer and work and we take Mary as our role model. We do many many things in the Legion. :)


Well... to counter some popular beliefs that the legion is made up of mostly old people saying the rosary day in day out, I stand here as an example that the Legion has its fair share of active youth as well.


Do you often feel an urging inside you to want to do something a little more for God than just coming for weekly Sunday Mass? But at the same time, you find that you have (1) no time (or so you think so), (2) are too busy with work, (3) that being active is maybe too big a step to take at one go, or all of the above?


Then … The Legion is for You!


Why? 2 Points -


Point 1:

Well, being an Active Legionary just requires you to attend weekly meetings that are very short, compact and fruitful. Being in the Legion makes you see that you can serve God in small ways and many ways, so much so that even when you are so busy, it's still so easy to serve Him. And being in the Legion helps you grow at your own pace with the help of many people who also began being small, inexperienced and almost unwilling.


Point 2:

If your work commitments (like shift work or being overseas very often) does not allow you to be an active member, we have auxiliary membership that requires you to pray the rosary daily (of which some of you are already doing tirelessly). An auxiliary Legionary is equally as important as any active legionary as they act as spiritual support our warfare for salvation.


I have been in the legion for about 13 years and attribute my growth in faith to the system. The legion has given me many opportunities to learn about my faith and has exposed me to many areas where I can serve our Lord in our people. The reason why I still am in the legion and advocate others to join me is because the system truly works! It nudges when I feel a little too lazy to something; it supports when I go through my dry spells in my spiritual life; it gives me the space to grow in my strengths to better serve others.


At the end of the day, the Legion simply teaches me how to be a good Catholic.


Now is a chance for you to find out what the Legion has in store for you.  So do come to our booth outside to find out more on what exactly we do.


Would you say Yes as Mary did?

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