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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Again, from children...

I just really find these poems really... simple... and.. loving as well :)
(there are some more here

Going to School

Dear Lord Jesus take my hand,
I'm going to a foreign land.
One not ruled by king or preacher,
but someone with the name of teacher.

My mommy says that I'll have fun;
I'll sing and skip and play and run.
But I am scared 'cause I don't know
just what to do or where to go.

So please Lord Jesus hug me tight
and keep me in your loving sight.
For with you by my side today,
I know that I will be okay.

--Margaret Kennedy

Thank You, God

The sun so bright up in the sky.
The moon I see way, way up high!
The soft green grass, the plants,
the trees are special gifts
God made for me.

All the people that I love
are blessed by Jesus up above.
My neighbors, friends and family
are special gifts God gave to me.
What gift can I give you my God
in heaven up above?
The thing you want the most from me
is pure and simple...

--Margaret Kennedy

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