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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Take One Step

Was going thru one of the cardinal points of the Legion Apostolate which mentioned abt dividing impossibilities. It says: " the teeth of your difficulty, take one step. There is no need yet to worry about the next step; so concentrate on that first one. When taken, a second step will immediately or soon suggest itself. Take it and a third will show.."

When faced with seemingly impossible issues, this passage can encourage us not to be self-judgemental. In the midst of such difficulties, we grind these matters one mouthful at a time. In the situations when the many steps one needs to take cannot be foreseen, Take One Step.. For He will always lead us to the next..

And each of these steps should be taken in the spirit of Mary, symbolical of her courage and humility that entails stepping forth with amiable trust in her Son. St Thomas More advised us to pray for His graces that we may labour for our prayers. With humility, we ask for His graces and in exemplifying her courage, we make each step a symbol of love for Him..

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