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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Confessions I. iii (3) by St Augustine

"Or is the whole of you everywhere yet without anything that contains you entire?"

This will be my first post! I just want to put small part of the book: Confessions (by St. Augustine).
I haven't finished reading it, the one I put here is only page 4 (lol). I think these 2 paragraphs are very.. very beautiful. I've been thinking about some of these things actually, just random thoughts.. but in the book St. Augustine put them so beautifully.

I. iii (3) Do heaven and earth contain you because you have filled them? or do you fill them and overflow them because they do not contain you? Where do you put the overflow of yourself after heaven and earth are filled? Or have you, who contain all things, no need to be contained by anything because what you will you fill by containing it? We cannot think you are given coherence by vessels full of you, because even if they were to be broken, you would not be spilt. When you are 'poured out' upon us, you are not wasted on the ground. You raise us upright. You are not scattered but reassemble us. In filling all things, you fill them all with the whole of yourself.
Is it that because all things cannot contain the whole of you, they contain part of you, and that all things contain the same part of you simultaneously? Or does each part contain a different part of you, the larger containing the greater parts, the lesser parts the smaller? Does that imply that there is some part of you which is greater, another part smaller? Or is the whole of you everywhere yet without anything that contains you entire?

~ St. Augustine

1 comment:

Dom said...

Thanks Nana. St Augustine's writing is always so beautiful.

He's a favourite of the Holy Father :D

I started reading Confessions too, first about 4 or 5 years ago, but stopped somewhere in the 1st quarter. Nik lent me her copy last sem. I must get down to reading it!