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Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Pope and the President

President Bush visited our Holy Father at the Vatican yesterday. He received a very warm welcome, more than other heads of state usually get. He got to walk with the Holy Father in the Vatican Gardens.

Here's a picture of them seated at the Lourdes grotto in the gardens.

The Holy Father seems to be explaining to Bush about the apparition. Nice right? President Bush is is "non-Catholic contact". :p

Actually there are rumours that Bush might convert, like PM Blair. But maybe that's all they are: just rumours...
His brother Jeb converted when he married a Catholic.

Pope Benedict XVI and U.S. President George ...

Do be reminded however that the Pope disagrees with many of Bush's policies, including the use of the death penalty, torture, the use of cluster bombs, his overall war-like ideology.
That's important because many non-Catholics (especially people in Muslim countries) who see pictures like these would love to jump to the conclusion that the Vatican is very much in support of the US's policies in the Iraq and elsewhere, while this is certainly not the case.

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