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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bonding in the Legion

As promised in the Curia Bulletin, I'm posting my reflection on the subject of 'bonding within the legion' after mulling about it from sometime.

I guess 2 words sum up my thoughts on this. These 2 words are common and perhaps many of you would have thought about them as well. But I get the 'universality' of the words give them more weight in practical sense. The 2 words are ....



Identity is what makes us Legionaries. Our identity can consist of many things or facets. Things like our affinity to our Lady, our love (perhaps for some, dread) for the rosary, love for the legion system, belief in the good of the system, doing things together, common friends, situational circumstances etc. But i must say the earlier-cited examples have more holding power than the later ones.

Without having an identity with the Legion, it's easy to fade away and leave the Legion system. It is important to have this identity in whatever you do as a legionary. Be it catechism, warden, an exco-member in a student society. You are a legionary who does all of the above, not a catechist, a warden or an exco-member who is also incidentally legionary.

This is not to say that being legionary excludes us doing our other duties or make them lesser but rather, it is recogizing that it is the spirit of the legion that drives us to do these other stuff (a lot better).

Perhaps the lack of an identity leads some praesidia to falter and shrink. (It's only my conjecture). Careful observation seems to associate stronger praesidia with more inflamed legionaries who are proud of their legion identity and are eager to do much, both for our Lady and for the "fun of it". Indeed how queer to see legion work as fun, but it seems that way for some fiery legionaries.

Identity needs to be cultured and grown. It can be infectious when you have a certain level of critical mass of enthusiasm that drives it. Identity is not about one person or an officer but it needs several people who believe in it and continute to propagate it. Sounds tough but if the necessary ingredients are in place, of which are - the love for our lady, the desire to be better Catholics through work and prayer and belief in the legion disciplinary system - all will fall in naturally.


... to be continued

(look out for my next posting) :)

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