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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Faith and Reason Series: The Bible & Evolution

'Religions do make claims about the universe - the same kinds of claims that scientists make, except they're usually false.'

'Evolution is God's redundancy notice, his pink slip.'
- Richard Dawkins

Is Christianity incompatible with the theory of Evolution? Is there no need, no place for God, now that science can explain our origins?

Pope John Paul II once said that
'…evolution [is] more than a hypothesis…. The convergence in the results of these independent studies—which wasneither planned nor sought—constitutes in itself a significant argument in favor of the theory.'

Was this a change of position and an accommodation to facts of science that no longer could be ignored?

Find out more about Christianity and the theory of evolution, and also about how Catholics understand the origins, authorship and purpose of Scripture at this latest installment of the "Faith and Reason" series.

When? Tue, 28 Aug, 7-9pm
Where? Central Library Theatrette 2

Dr Patrick Gilligan, PhD Molecular and Cell Biology
Fr Jose Lopez, M.A. English and English Literature, PhD Philosophy


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Come and eat!

It was really fun preparing the meals and hosting our friends who helped us man the Legion booth at Matriculation Fair. :)