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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Curia News of the month - June

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Just some news: NUS legion has just created a user-generated content blog. ( where members can contribute. NYP also has one (

We’re at the halfway mark of the year. Time flies. To keep in perspective, we only see other Curia officers 12 times a year. That is if each of attend all the Curia meetings. Is this sufficient to create a bonding strong enough for each one of us to look forward to Curia meetings monthly?

Brother President of Senatus in his note below mentioned again the trend of ‘absenteeism’ at council meetings. Indeed that there are valid reasons of which officers are unable to attend, but I think they should not come with a “punch in the air and a yell that says ‘Woohoo! No need to attend council meeting again’.” What matters more is the heart.

I must truly share this inspiration which I felt when I think of Sr Josephine of North Curia. As some of you will know, she is down with cancer and had to seek advanced treatment. This disallowed her to do many of the things she was previously doing, especially in the Legion. But with an indomitable spirit like Edel Quinn, she was accountable in the most perfect way in her duty as a correspondent with Kuching Comitium and as an ordinary member in Legion.
During the periods of her absence in Senatus, she said she was regretful that she could not attend. Clearly on our side, her vibrancy and presence was sorely missed too.

Perhaps it’s not the quantity of meetups that matters but the quality of our relationships that matter. What else could we do to create the type of bonding Sr Jo has with Senatus? I’ve been mulling about this and probably you could too. I'll post my reflection about this soon on the NUS blog. So do check it out. ☺

Keep faith and Cheers,
Your brother in Christ,

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