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Saturday, July 12, 2008

When you see 'fear' in different perspective

Again, I was at Mass in the Blessed Sacrament Church (Yes, Lloyd! This time I saw you :P, so I expect you to elaborate this since I can only do a quick share for now..) and Fr Suyono's homily was interesting... :)

We heard the story about the prophet Isaiah (= God's salvation) in the first reading, and his calling to spread God's salvation among the people. He was married but God's called him to spread the Good News further, beyond his comfort zone. Well, just as what we will normally feel if we are asked to do something 'beyond' which may not be the same as what we want to do, Isaiah does feel the fear, unworthy, sinful,.. But he abandon himself on God's Will and.. here he goes, beyond, and became one of the greatest prophets.

Father was sharing to see fear in different perspective, so that it can be our tools to share God's salvation instead of become our obstacles to do so:
F - Freeing (from earthly attachment, false humility,.. )
E - Empowered (by God's grace)
A- Abandonment (? - I hope I remembered this correctly, Lloyd and Dom, correct me if I'm wrong)
R- Reconciliation (to bring peace and reconciliation among us)

This was God's calling for everyone, lay people, married, religious, legionaries, you, and me, to spread His salvation, to be generous to Him.

With these meanings, 'fear' is no longer frightening, isn't it : ) ?

God bless!

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