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Monday, July 21, 2008


Today I was rushing from Risen Christ Church to Ravenhal centre for the weekly doctrine class by Joel (since Alvin is away for WYD*) and Clarabelle saw me off from tao payoh. She was with me (details not important haha). From Toa payoh to Heng Mui Keng required numerous change of buses and I was already running late. She was really anxious that I will be late for the class and she continously check on my progress (hahaha more anxious than me haha). The journey went rather smoothly till the last change of bus. I need to take bus 151 in order to reach school before changing to an internal shuttle. I waited for a long while and the bus still would not come. Meanwhile, I was exchanging messages with Belle and informed her about the long wait that I'm experiencing. She replied saying that she pray that the bus comes now! I was rather taken aback and replied saying that her prayer seems rather demanding. While waiting for her reply, I'm contemplating how prayers should be made instead. A thought suddenly struck me, in the morning I was reading the book 'Christ is passing by' (it belongs to Dom haha) and in that book something made me ponder: to beg as little children beg. St. Josemaria was teaching us how to be like little children infront of God. I understood the part of to trust as little children trust, but to beg as they beg? I don't get it! And soon enough, my dear replied saying that struck me alot:

Nothing is too small to be asked dear.. It's like how u tell me no matter how small sth is if it's bother me, u would wan2 hear me rite. So i think God will b more than happy to hear anything even sth as trivial as wanting a bus to come. u know how He feels..... (the rest of the message is privilege and private wahaha).

Above is the extract of the message she sent to me. In the course my relationship with her, she would seem trouble but refuse to tell me what it is because she thought it was trivial. But it is her not telling me that trivial thing that really troubles me hahaha therefore she says I should know how God would feel if I feel something is too trivial to ask. Her message really made me understand what it means to beg as children beg, that in prayer we do not choose nice words but to speak from our heart. I really thank God for Belle, she was instrumental in letting me know more about God through my relationship with her. Just a sharing =).

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Dom said...

Haha Paulie...this is sweet :)

Thanks for sharing :)