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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Allocutio by Fr. Frans, 24 July 2008

Significance of the World Youth Day

The WYD event reminds us that all of us, whether we are lay people or religious, are called to be missionaries! The theme of WYD 2008, which centered on the Holy Spirit, recalled to the new Pentecost. Just as what we said in our opening prayers, Holy Spirit is the One to renew the face of the earth. This spirit teaches us how to live our life, to fulfill our human dignity to its fullness as daughters and sons of God.

The Church with all of her teachings, supports humanity by elevating the human value, the humanized and divinized humanity. God, the Father, as our creator, knows how we have to live best. The creation story portrayed in the book of Genesis showed how God changes the chaos to cosmos. It shows that when the spirit of God present, we become one family.

We, as young people need to have a guideline in our live since we are the architects of the new world in the spirit of brotherhood. We live to make the world as the Kingdom of God, to live as human just as how Jesus lives as human, and to spread the Gospel, with the spirit of the living God within us. May the Word of God become flesh and blood in our lives. Preach always, sometimes use words, but all the time using our lifestyle. Let's kindle the fire of His Love in our world!

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