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Friday, July 18, 2008

Allocutio by Fr. Frans

The word Jesus 'exclaimed' - 'exclaiming' used in the Gospel shows a special excitement of Jesus. We can imagine how Jesus is excited to see how the Gospel works to tranform the people who hears it. This message is still relevant for us today, the message of the Gospel, that we have already had within us, is to bring about the changes in life, changes in the world, to bring the Kingdom of God.

Today's (Thursday's) Gospel reminds us to live as a children of God, with great simplicity and joy. Most of the time we need not to carry 'that much'. We need not to be weary, just simply and humbly ask for forgivenes and come to the Father. As Legionaries, we are to do our works with enthusiasm. Don't be afraid to face those who seem neglecting our enthusiasm. Jesus' and Mary's presence have made difference in our life. It is such a big treasure to be treasured in the whole of our life! Don't go weary. Imagine that God is an immense energy, like a huge sea and each of us is a drop of water. Let's put our burden on Him, the Immensity. Reflects on the immense energy in that drop of water and we can always do much more than we can imagine.

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