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Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Mystical Home of Nazareth

Reading the word 'home', the next word comes to my mind is 'family'.

As some of us have said in the previous blogs, I do think that the Legion has been more like a family than just a society. I think the word ‘family’ is very unique. It always refers to plural meaning, to the communion of people, yet it also reflects unity, its oneness in something that makes them can be called as family.

So are we, the Praesidium doesn’t refer to a single person (even our God is Trinitarian God), but we that form the Praesidium. Thus we have a different ability, strength, and weakness that have to complement each other. And what else can be more beautiful to unity us than to be united in Christ through Mary? Here is one image from the Handbook that I particularly like:

“A coloured glass will transmit only its own shade of light, obstructing all the other shades. But when glasses of all the different colours jointly project their shades, these unite to make the fullness of light. Similarly, when Christians in some number combine for the purposes of the Lord, their qualities supplementing each other, he is enabled through them to manifest his perfection and his power more fully.
So, when legionaries gather together in the praesidium in his name and for his work, he is present in that potent way; it has been made evident that power goes out from him there. (Mk 5:30)”

Just as a family will always have home, so are we as legionaries. Our home is to be the projection of the mystical home of Nazareth.

What make a place can be called as home? Sometimes it is not necessarily to be the place where we were born, or the place where we stay longest, sometimes there are some places that we can feel at home, comfortable to stay and live…Maybe because we are just familiar with it, or since we feel the family relationship so strong there, the atmosphere, or the love,… No other best way than learning from the Holy Family how they take care of their Holy Home…

“Also with Jesus in that little Legion family are his Mother and St. Joseph, who have towards the praesidium the same relation that they had to him; which permits us to look on the praesidium as a projection of the Home of Nazareth, and this not as a mere devotional exercise but as something based on reality. "We are obliged," says Bérulle, "to treat the things and mysteries of Jesus not as things past and dead, but as things living and present and even eternal." Likewise we may piously identify the premises and equipment of the praesidium with the fabric and the furniture of the Holy House, and we may regard the behaviour of the legionaries towards those adjuncts of the praesidium as a test of their appreciation of the truth that Christ lives in us and works through us, necessarily availing of the things that we are utilising.
This thought provides a sweet and compelling motive for a bestowing of a careful attention upon the things that surround the praesidium and form its home.”

Let’s imagine how our Lady takes care of the Home. It may be far from elaborate, but full of refinement and is the most beautiful home ever. She – with St. Joseph also of course- must have take care each little thing so to allow her Son to begin the work of redemption. So are we, imitating our Lady, as to prepare a good home for our Lord to co-operate with His works of redemption. Maintaining a good home also reflects the love within the family. From the little thing, the Handbook starts by mentioning to take care the accessories we use in the meetings, the cheerfulness, the spirit (to work as a family rather than individuals – imagine parents who do not know what are their children pursuing now… - ), the love, so as to make those staying in that home (the members) and thus visiting the home (our contacts, visitors), may feel at home, just as our Father always draw His children back to be united with Him here on earth, and later in our Home - Heaven.

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