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Monday, July 7, 2008

The Sleeping Giant..

I was at Mass in the Blessed Sacrament Church today, and found that this part from Fr Anthony's homily was interesting.

Have we ever realized that we, Catholics are like the sleeping giant? In terms of number, most probably, we are the biggest in number - even more, also counting our fellow Christians brothers and sisters. Nowadays, most people will be saying that we are living in a hostile, impolite world. World which fulls with sufferings, criminals, competitions, lack of charity.. Just imagine if each one of us tries to live our Christian Faith faithfully, what a change that we can make to the world? Isn't it such a big power if everyone make a little effort (oh well, hopefully bigger effort) to live the Christianity more?
Coincidentally (or by Providence), was kind of talking about the butterflies theory with Ferdinand, Dom, and Evan over dinner. Theory which says that something that you do, even a slightest thing, can affect others and cause a bigger thing.

Who knows our little effort to make a smile will brighten up someone's day? Or a small saying to remind someone that God loves them will stop them from being despair?

So, shall we wake this sleeping giant up :P ?


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