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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More poems from San Juan de la Cruz

Of the communion of the three Persons

Out of the love immense and bright
That from the two had thus begun,
Words of ineffable delight
The Father spoke unto the Son:

Words of so infinite a rapture
Their drift by none could be explained:
Only the Son their sense could capture
That only to Himself pertained.

What of them we can sense the clearest
Was in this manner said and thought:
Out of Your company, my Dearest,
I can be satisfied by nought.

But if aught please me, I as duly
In You, Yourself, the cause construe.
The one who satisfies Me truly
Is him who most resembles You.

He who in naught resembles You
Shall find of Me no trace or sign,
Life of My Life! for only through
Your own can I rejoice in Mine.

You are the brilliance of My light
My wisdom and My power divine,
The figure of My substance bright
In whom I am well pleased to shine!

The man who loves You, O my Son,
To him Myself I will belong.
The love that in Yourself I won
I'll plant in him and root it stron,
Because he loved the very one
I loved so deeply and so long.

Suma de la perfeccion

Olvido de lo criado,
Memoria del Criador,
Atenciรณn a lo interior
Y estarse amando al Amado

Translation: Summary of perfection

Ignoring the created and inferior;
Remembering above all things the Creator;
Attention to the life that is interior;
For the Beloved love that's always greater.

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