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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Keep it up!!!!!

I was so surprised and delighted to receive this mail today. Keep blogging guys!! And keep Sister Frances in your prayers!

Hi Brother Dominic and Sister Carina,

I happened upon your blogsite by providence and am curious as to where you are located, i.e., what country?

Its so exciting to see what you all are doing with both the Legion and Technology! My compliments.

My mom is a big Legionary here in SF, CA. She's from Ireland and knew Alphie Lamb and Frank Duff (or she met them). She's been a Legionary since the 1950s and now works here in the USA.

Please pray for us here in California! We are facing the battle of our lives in this upcoming election. Proposition 8 is a ballot measure to protect marriage as God designed it. However, the homosexual activists are very successful and have many more millions of dollars for their campaign than we do. Even Hollywood stars have given money. Please ask your Legionaries to say many prayers and masses for us who are fighting to keep marriage between one man and one woman. Our website is . I am a volunteer in this campaign and was looking up the history of Our Lady of the Rosay when I came across your blogsite.

Its funny, but, I typed in "austria, turks, eucharist, horses" and your site came up. Must be God's hand. I've been searching in vain online to find the story of a eucharistic miracle that occurred in that same time period. The Turks were on horseback and invaded Austria. They were charging up a steep hill. Atop the hill was a monastery. The frightened priest grabbed the Eucharist and held it high in front of the charging Turkish cavalry. The horses stopped dead in their tracks and would not move. The Turks had to turn around and flee. The priest and his monastery were saved miraculously. I heard this story recently on the local CAtholic radio station here: Immaculate Heart Radio 1260AM, KSFB (stands for K San Francisco Bay).
I'm glad I was staying up so late that I was guided by Our Lady of the Rosary to you site.

God bless you for your site. Please thank Eunice for her Lepanto citation. Also thank Maryana (Nana) for her wonderful Prince of Egypt video clip. It was the message Our Lady wished for me to hear: that with prayer and faith miracles really do happen. I have been so discouraged over the battle of Prop 8 that I needed to be reminded by that video's message. I can't thank you enough. All of you.

I look forward to hearing back from you soon!

In Christ and Mary's Victory,

Frances in San Francisco, California, USA

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pau said...

yay! NUS legion going global! :)