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Monday, October 20, 2008


Curt Jester :)

Coming to you on EWTN!

Our brand new show is a story of clergy and laity with extraordinary liturgical abilities who fight against the various liturgical catastrophes around the world. Our liturgical heroes do not have superhuman abilities, but follow the supernatural inspirations of grace in the reform of the reform.

Our heroes include Pope Benedict XVI, Cardinal Pell, Cardinal Hoyos, Cardinal "do-it-yourself liturgy is over" Arinze, Monsignor Marini, Father "Slavishly accurate liturgical translations" Z, Father Fessio S.J., Helen Hull Hitchcock, Jimmy Akin, Colin Donavan, Shawn Tribe and a cast of thousands dedicated to protecting and enriching the liturgy.

Each week our heroes fight against villains that do no simply rollover at the mention of the GIRM. A good action show requires capable villains that you love to hate and you won't be disappointed by villains such as Bishop Fishperson and his hordes of liturgist minions such as Syler the liturgist who has the power to suck the beauty out of anything he touches. Though this is actually a common power to most liturgists who suck the liturgy dry of beauty in the name of relevance. Each week you will be sitting on the edge as you wonder will the heroes defeat the plans of Fr. Richard S. Vosko in his latest wreckovation scheme or whether a clown Mass will go on as scheduled.

So whether our heroes are fighting to protect against attempts to quash the Extraordinary Form of the Mass or ensuring that the Ordinary Form of the Mass is celebrated as it was intended you will stand up and cheer as our heroes go up against the worst of liturgical villains each week.

"Heroes" is an epic drama that chronicles the lives of those protecting the liturgy and go beyond just griping and moaning about it. This is must see TV to save our litugy.

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