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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"My Father made it!!"

I can't stop myself to write about this at the end...

A friend of mine, Rina, shared this to me few days ago...

We often take for granted the fact that we are children of God. Yes, this beautiful fact of Divine Filiation has been repeated over and over again, but a lot of time it just pass through and seems that we (I!) don't enjoy the beauty as much again.

Once, a father of a girl is a contractor. When the girl goes around the city, she passed by the buldings that her father made. She proudly said to her friend, "Look! My father made it!"

Just as the Father that loves His children so much, He wants to leave us some 'finger print' that we can always recall His love and presence. Don't you realize that the sunrise is how He said 'good morning to you?', the sunset, wind, your friend around you, is how He said, "I love you"? It's how He wants to keep in touch with you. So, the next time you passed by a beautiful scenery, or seeing a beautiful rainbow, a nice plant or tree, remember always to recall, "Hey! My (yes, YOURs too!) Father made it!" and let yourself be amazed....


carina said...

When it rains, is it His way of telling us that we need to shower? =P

Thanks for the post, Im.

-Im- said...

Most probably :P maybe particularly to you, Carina :P LOL...peace..