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Friday, March 6, 2009

Allocutio for the 998th meeting of Regina Coeli Praesidium

The Holy Eucharist
(allo by Sr. Therese)

Natural event happens following the natural law that we know in the universe. When we consider something is a miracle, usually it refers to a supernatural interference. However, miracle doesn’t break the law of nature. It fits as a new event to the pattern of natural law and assimilates to that pattern. Just as how it happens in the natural law, we understand that the present moment has a direct link to the previous history. We need to take account the previous accident into consideration of our present moment/condition. Holy Eucharist is the most wonderful miracle ever happened. The Holy Eucharist does not behave against the natural law when we take it into our physical body. Once we received the Holy Eucharist, the miracle happens to our being, the Miracle that Christ lives us, and shall affect our present condition. We need to love and believe the Miracle that just happened to us by our living the Miracle, our effort to keep the Presence of God.

PS: guys, I try to summarize as best as I, apologize if I leave out some beautiful analogy and examples that she shows. Please feel free to add about it.

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