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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Love :)

finally, i think it's time for me to write my first post *even though most of the things in this post is copied from The Soul of Apostolate. lol*

i've been thinking on what topic should i choose for my first post, and finally.. i decided! i'll write about love :) there are many reasons why i chose this topic. because today's reading is about love, my spiritual reading's topic today was about love, my cg topic yesterday was about love, my last allocutio also about love (and apostolate actually), and soo.. yes, i think i should share about this. :)

An ardent love of Christ and true flair for saving souls will give an apostle all the daring compatible with tact and prudence. Here is a story that was told us directly by an eminent layman. On the occasion of a conversation with Pius X he chanced to let fall a few biting words against an enemy of the Church. "My Son," said the Pope, "I do not approve of the way you talk. For your penance, listen to this story. A priest I used to know very well had just arrived in his first parish. He thought it is his duty to visit every family, including Jews, Protestants, and even Freemasons. Then he announced from the pulpit that he would repeat the visits every year. His confreres got very excited at this, and complained to the Bishop, and the Bishop, in turn, sent for the culprit and reprimanded him severely. 'My Lord,' answered the priest modestly, 'Jesus orders his pastors, in the Gospel, to bring all His sheep into the fold. How are we going to do that without going out after them? Besides, I never compromise on principles, and I confine myself to expressing my interest and my charity towards all the souls entrusted to my by God, even the ones that have gone furthest astray. I have announced from the pulpit that I would make these visits; if you formally desire me to give them up, please be good enough to give me this prohibition in writing, so that everybody may know that I am simply obeying your orders.' Moved by the justice of this appeal, the Bishop did not insist. And in any case, the future proved that the priest was right, because he had the happiness to convert a few of these strays, and inspired all the others with a great respect for our holy religion. This humble parish priest, by the will of God, eventually became the Pope who is now giving you this lesson in charity, my son! Therefore, cling firmly to principles through thick and thin, but let your charity go out to all men, even the worst enemies of the Church."

humm.. dunno about you all, but for me, I think this is a very nice stories which reflect the power of love. and for me myself, after these 2 years serving in the CSS and in the Legion, it is really love that has been sustained me in doing this apostolate works. and i think, this quote from St Josemaria can conclude my very long first post :P

And what is the secret of perseverance? Love. Fall in Love, and you will not leave him.

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