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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Feast day of the Archangels!

Tomorrow will be the feast of the Holy Archangels..

St Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, and on the 2nd October will be the feast day of the Guardian Angels :)

I havent been writing for sometime, but just a short one for now..

I found this feast will be special for us as legionaries, since the Archangels, specially st Michael and St Gabriel which are mentioned in our Handbook, are our Legion's Patrons!! I remember Dom's last allo, we as legionaries are always at war.. who else will be best guarding us in the battle if it is not St Michael, the prince of all the heavenly court, the commander of the army of the Lord (Josh 5:14)..

St Gabriel, recalling fr Joe's meditation, must have been somehow special amongs the Angels since God entrust in him the special duty, which is to convince our Lady to be the Mother of God, as a special messanger. The Handbook said that it was through him that the compliments of the Holy Trinity were addressed to Mary, that the mystery of the Trinity was first stated to man!

and St Raphael's name means God heals. It was related to the story of Tobit, Tobiah, and Sarah. The one who shows the way for Tobiah to find the girl he would be married to and the one healing his father.. so, ask him to help us 'finding our way'.. :)

One more thing.. What I found special about this feast day for us as Legionaries is that we should remember that our Lady is the Queen of the Angels, Regina Angelorum. The Handbook said that our Lady would always been ceaselessly accompanied by legions of angels! She was crowned by the Father to be the Queen of Heaven, then She is also the general armies of God, She is our Queen also. So...since we have the same Queen, let's start asking the Holy Angels, specialy the Holy Archangels whose feast we celebrated in d next 3 minutes (now you know what time I wrote this...haha), to fight with us in the battle!!

Holy Archangels, pray for us :)

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