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Friday, September 19, 2008

"I'll pray for you" :)

Actually I've been inspired to write this post since yesterday. But I don't have time yesterday to write because I'm busy. lol. Anyway, yesterday I attended the Science CG, and apparently the topic for CG that day was Praying with The Community.

When I was sharing with them about the topic in CG, actually what really is inspiring me (to write this especially) is not really the bible passage. But more about my own reflection, my own experiences which I can appreciate more after the CG, after listening to others' sharing as well.

Well, yesterday's CG really reminded me of how lucky am I to have you all, in the CSS, ICy, Legion; to be in a community who is always supporting me anytime. I can really feel how people are really care about one another, how they love each other. And I guess that's how people get attracted to Catholic community like us :)

And also, especially from Legion.. I have learned about this pray with the community thing. Starting from the exam prayer I experienced in the beginning of my journey with this community. And actually, from the sharing yesterday.. I found that not a lot of people are used to pray for each other like how we did in Legion. and how they are really feel very special when they heard someone say, "I'll pray for you.", which is not very often for them.

So, the point is.. this post is actually more like a 'thanksgiving post' from me for having you all, who are always saying "I'll pray pray for you" to me. And, maybe.. we need to say that, "I'll pray for you." more often to others. Cause.. i guess, prayer is always and always the best gift from God right? And, how beautiful it is if we can share that gift to others as well :)

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