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Friday, August 1, 2008

WYD 08: You Can

The epic Stations of the Cross had just ended and dinner was being handed out. The various groups of pilgrims sat down and ate the food provided in the cute green bags. The sky had long darkened, the Opera House only a dark, grim structure looming over the place. There were pilgrims from Singapore, Philippines, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Canada, and so on.

Suddenly, the stage lit up and one of the hosts came out. Soon, a man dressed simply in a dark shirt appeared on stage, his shirt sleeves hanging limply on his sides. He is Tony Melendez, the Thalidomide baby, the man with no arms.

He made a short introduction, before letting a video share the rest of his story.

When the video ended, he started to play and I felt shivers, the kind you get when you hear something beautiful. It was amazing. This man, born with no arms, was playing the guitar so beautifully using just his toes.

How many of us shy away from opportunities, from responsibilities, because we think we can't? How many times have we said no to God's challenge because we think we can't?

But here is someone who has accepted what God has given him. He is Tony Melendez, a man with no arms, who sings beautiful music to the Lord. And for all of us who say we can't, this is what Tony says,

I see a person like you that has arms, that has everything, everything, and you say: "I can't, I can't!" Yes, you can! Yes, you can! They have asked me: "Tony, where are the miracles?" and I always say: "I see your hand, and the fact that you are able to raise your hand, that's a miracle."

Please don't ever tell me that you can't. Never tell me that because you. yes you, can do so much more, just get up and say: "I want... I Can... I will move forward. You have a world out there waiting for you to say: "Yes!"

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