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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Imitating Mary in the Legion: Allocutio by Brother Paul - 28 August 2008

Officers in the Legion are called to imitate Our Lady in the duties they carry out. For example, the primary duty of officers, which is to attend curia meeting, is similar to how Our Lady is always connected to God. Through curia meeting, a praesidium is always linked to a higher council. The president, who takes care of allocated work, supervises and recommends members, and sets a high level of spirituality within the praesidium, follows closely Mary's role in taking charge of her household. He/She must also speak as little as possible in the meeting, just as Mary was a woman of action who was just in the background most of the time. The vice-president, who assists the president and takes care of the members, is like Mary in the way she assisted Jesus and Joseph, and in the way she is anxious of our salvation. The secretary, in-charge of keeping minutes and records, parallels Mary who was given a pen by the Holy Spirit to write the Magnificat in her heart during the Visitation, and kept her household organized and efficient. Lastly, the treasurer, in-charge of the recovery of payments and the full and punctual record of finances, has the power to control activities of the praesidium in terms of the resources to be allocated. Mary also has the authority to do what she wants in the manner she wants, for the betterment of the Church and for the glory of God.

Ordinary Legionaries are not exempt from the imitation of Mary. They must look at their officers as role models who lead them to Mary, who lead us to Christ. With the whole praesidium working in union with Mary, all of us are able to bring Christ to other people.

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