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Wednesday, August 6, 2008


The organizing of the Patricians must be thorough. Nothing must be left to chance. Reminders should be distributed to members a few days before each meeting. It has been found useful for these to include a selection of points which might come up for discussion on the subject with a request for the member to think about them, talk over them with friends and invite the friends to the meeting. All present should sign their names and addresses on a list passed round during the meeting. In the way the mailing list in increased,

The title of the subject for discussion should be made as topical and provocative as possible, within the bounds of reason and prudence. For example, the title "Religious Authority” would hardly attract anybody but “Is the Church a Dictatorship?” would probably be a real magnet. In any case, if my previous suggestion about indicating possible points of discussion is used, the most dry titles can be shown to be interesting. We should not be afraid of advertising the Patricians when possible.

- Very Rev. Francis J. Canon Ripley, Jubilee Talks to Legionaries

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