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Thursday, November 24, 2011


I've realized that this blog hasn't been updated for a looooonggg time, so let me share a simple story of our Legion meeting last Tuesday.

Two days ago I actually felt very tired of studying (it's exam period in NUS). 7pm is our meeting time and initially I thought I wouldn't have energy to smile a lot during meeting. Hahaha. It was just so tiring to read various human rights convention on that day for my module preparation.

However, it's amazing how Mother Mary works during meeting. She works through each member in a unique way. Honestly, we haven't put FRESH flowers on the altar for a looooonngggg time. Eugene brought flowers on Tuesday and it was two stalks of yellow chrystanthemum(?). So pretty!!! You can smell the fresh aroma of the flowers (and the leaves) even during rosary. This simple thing apparently has brought different atmosphere to the meeting.

Then, the meeting goes on. Every meeting is always unique. Different members share different stories of the apostolic work that they have done for the whole week. It's always interesting and we can learn a lot from each other's report.

So yeah...after the meeting on Tuesday, I felt SUPER-REFRESHED! Hehehe.

Thank you, Mother Mary!! :):)
See you all next Tuesday and thanks for the support during exams!! Yeay:):)


Dom said...

How many times I've felt like this too! And last Tuesday too - I was longing for the meeting all day.

And you're right - each member is a unique instrument of Mother Mary. And even when one member is absent, something seems missing. I've always marvelled at that.

Thanks dear Legionaries for always giving refreshment, laughter and inspiration :) And thanks Mother Mary too!

BRIE said...

Oh I miss NUS Legion!