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Monday, September 21, 2009

The True Face of Heroism

"It must always be remembered that the work of the Lord will bear the Lord's own mark, the mark of the Cross."

“My real crime? I joined the Legion of Mary.”

Outlaw: One Priest in the Underground Chinese Church

By Theresa Marie Moreau

First Published in Crisis Magazine

“Chu lai! Chu lai!”
Guang-Zhong Gu awoke in the pre-dawn hours, bathed in the sweat of a balmy Shanghai September.

Unfamiliar voices barked, “Come out! Come out!”

Lights overhead flashed on. The cold steel snap of ammo clicked into machine guns. Fists pounded at the doors lining the long corridors of the Xujiahui Seminary, normally bustling with the quiet sweep of long, black robes.

Gu, a 23-year-old third-year seminary student, leapt out of bed. Already dressed in shorts and a shirt, he stuffed his feet into a pair of shoes. No time for socks. He stumbled through the door without looking back. He’d never see the room again.

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