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Saturday, February 28, 2009

I will whisper all my secrets

Mother Mary, will you listen
To the things I wish to say?
How your sweet eyes used to glisten
As you watched Him at His play!

And when He'd creep up to your knee,
And when He'd pause for rest,
You'd lift Him, O so tenderly,
And clasp Him to your breast.

Baby lips would lisp their secrets-
Precious words into your ear.
And you held Him tight and listened,
While you wiped away a tear.

Mother Mary, I've been playing,
And I've come to you for rest.
Lift me up as you did Jesus-
Clasp me safely to your breast.

I will whisper all my secrets-
Halting words into your ear. Though they're not as sweet as His were,
Mother Mary, won't you hear?

Author unknown

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