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Saturday, January 24, 2009

During the 992nd meeting of Regina Coeli:
Allocutio by Fr Frans:

A leper said “Lord, if you want to, cure me”, and the Lord said “Be cured”, we must let God take care of our burdens and allow his forgiveness to recreate us. But the Lord told the leper to keep his healing to himself, why? Because Jesus didn’t want his messianic status to be revealed back then and seen simply as sensationalism. A Follower of Christ is called to be simple and see our Ordinary life to be holy too, what we do in our daily life should be sanctified and made extraordinary. We must discover the sacredness of our ordinary normal life. Many are happy when baptised, but even after that we should return to our daily lives and be aware of the presence of God in our daily life, not just in the extraordinary things.

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