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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

America has voted

....and it has voted for abortion. Call me out for making hasty generalizations. "They did not vote for abortion; they just cared more about healthcare, the economy, blah, blah..." But it doesn't change anything. America has voted for the most pro-abortion candidate in the history of the US elections.

When I heard the news from Dom today, I was deeply saddened. 48,000,000 babies dead since 1973 and counting. At least 1,000,000 dead per year; 3800 killed per day. And the holocaust will continue. I am not big on superstition, but when the news broke out this afternoon, the sunny sky quickly turned dark and gloomy, the rain pounded heavily on the rooftops, and thunder roared from above. I wonder if this was the lament of these innocent victims.

This morning, something big was happening.

The value of life was weighed and measured, and it was found wanting.

Lord, have mercy on us.


Dom said...

Am as disappointed as you Carina. And I have to face a bunch of triumphalist classmates also :p

But here's something Therese said:
"The best we can do is to pray for His Will, our Lord's love and courage will emerge victorious, be whatever outcome."

Perhaps some greater good will come from this. A LOT is expected from Obama. Perhaps he will fail to deliver his promises so spectacularly that this huge dissatisfaction with the Republicans will be a short one.

I hope people will realise that empty rhetoric and charisma are no substitutes for love, compassion and decency.

At least this elections have made the bishops of the United States bolder in exercising their teaching authority. Great leaders like Archbishop Chaput have let their voice be heard. More Catholics than before know that abortion is evil and, I hope, this has strengthened the pro-life movement.

I certainly became a more adamant defender of life because I got to read arguments and explanations that proved how illogical and inhumane the pro-abortion camp was.

These elections have given me the chance to explain to a few people why I supported a candidate who is considered unpopular my almost everyone I know. We continue to have the opportunity now to say why abortion is such an atrocity, even from a non-religious point of view.

Remember, the Almighty God has those little ones in His arms.

The Church in America might be in for a hard time - but persecution always strengthens the Holy Catholic Church.
Faithful American Catholics and their bishops might be face to face with the gates of hell. But the gates of hell shall never prevail against Christ's Church.

carina said...

If there is any promise (out of the multitudes) that Obama won't deliver, I hope it will be the signing of FOCA.

I'm really sad right now. It seems silly because we're not even US citizens. But the universality of the Church teaches me that these little ones are my brothers and sisters too.

But yes, Therese is right. In the end, as long as we fight for life, we won't turn out to be losers. These little ones will be led to the Father. But I pity those who have consorted to this evil.

In a way, I also enjoyed my time following these elections. It has even distracted me from basketball..haha. miracle...

Like you, I've been more aware of the fight for life. I hope more Catholics will recognize that the right to life is the first one you must satisfy. Without it, everything else crumbles.

Obama will be there for at most eight years; four if we're lucky. Our God is timeless. =)